About Madison Taxi

They call Madison, Wisconsin the All American City

Want to see why?

Let Madison Taxi show you why in one of our Madison taxis!

With a world class University, pristine lakes, high tech and innovative business, a breathtakingly famous capitol building, and much, much more, see for yourself why we try so hard to service this fine community by providing the very best taxi and transportation services in the entire Madison area.

From our safe and professional drivers to our caring office staff, we here at Madison Taxi are on a constant quest to make your taxi service a comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable experience from the moment you order your cab until we drop you off. From sedans to mini vans (“Maxi Taxis”) to 14-passenger vehicles capable of handling individual or group needs of any size, our well-maintained and modern fleet is equipped to provide the necessary transportation for all of your travel needs.

We here at Madison Taxi deeply value our customers and we are out to impress, improve, and thank you every day.

We thank you for using “Madison’s Silver Fleet!”